SUIT MAY was registered in year 2004 who is the leading supplier of INDUSTRIAL SAFETY and ROAD SAFETY products in TAIWAN, whereas his parent company - SUIT IN was registered in 1993 and is specialized in ESD & ANTI-STATIC & CLEAN ROOM products as professional manufacturer and exporters in TAIWAN over the past years.  

- Face shields
- Ear muffs & earplugs
- Safety Goggles, Safety Glasses
- Safety Helmets
- Welding Helmets, Welding goggles,
- Heat & Isolation Clothing
- Tapes such as anti-slip tapes, aluminum tapes, glow-in-the-dark tapes, warning tapes, photoluminescent tapes etc. 
- Back support & knee pads 
- Gloves such as : cotton gloves, leather gloves, rubber gloves, nitrile gloves, latex gloves, pvc gloves etc.
- Traffic cones
- Convex mirrors (outdoor & indoor & ceiling)
- Barrier fences & Traffic triangle.
- Safety Vests
- PVC boots ..... and so on.

Products meet CE / ANSI / CSA approvals.  For more details, please visit our web site: for details. 

ESD & ANTI-STATIC & CLEAN ROOM products such as : 
- Anti-static foot grounders (heel & toe)
- Diposable heel straps & dispenser
- Disposable shoe covers & dispenser
- Anti-static Wrist straps (faberic, metal & plastic) & non-allergic types 
- Conductive & ESD velcro straps
- Grounding cords (coil, straight, with ring, stud, banana plug, alligator clip, gsgs etc.)
- Bench mounted grounder & adaptors
- Sticky mats & ESD Table mat
- Field Service Kits & Tool bags & Waist bags
- Anti-Static Clean Room clothing (SR: 10e6-7). 
- Anti-static Clean Room footwear
- ESD Clean room wipers
- Gloves (ESD & Conductive)
- ESD bottles & Tapes & Brushes
- ESD hand tools (cutter, pliers, tweezers, screw drivers etc.)
- Anti-static alveolate film (clear & black)
- Wrist straps and heel grounder test stations
- ESD chairs & stools
- ESD magnifer lamps
- ESD wire shelving & ESD wheels & accessories
- ESD trolley ....and so on.
 Please visit our web site: for more information. 

Aside from the ready-made products, customized products are also welcome.  We can make it according to your paper specifications or physical samples  

Good products, Competitive prices and Best Service.     

We stand ready here to serve you.  Please feel free to send us your inquiries, our sales teams will respond to you shortly.